Shoot day 4!

My final(ish) shoot day is now behind me and if I’m being completely honest, I couldn’t be happier! I’ve always said throughout this creative process that once I’ve got all the footage and really get into the editing that I will be able to visualise a finish line, and thankfully I can now do just that. I’m hoping to get these last few bits in today and then sand off all of the rough edges until I have my finalised doc.

I should probably mention what I mean by the ‘ish’ in ‘final(ish)’. I do still have one more PTC to film, but I wouldn’t really class that as a full shoot day, despite doing a blog post called ‘Shoot day 3’ about filming one PTC…but let’s forget about that. All of the interviews are finally filmed and that’s what matters.

So for my final interview I caught up with one of the wrestlers I interviewed at my first shoot day in Peacehaven, James. James very kindly agreed to do a follow up interview with me as he was wrestling at an event in my home town of Worthing.

With this follow up interview, I wanted to talk to James about his family. I wanted him to open up about his family life and how difficult it is to spend time away from his 2 daughters so often. Admittedly  I didn’t necessarily get the massively emotive interview I was hoping for but James did make some very good points and gave a great interview. Throughout the interview he mentions that despite only being away from his family for 2-3 days at a time if he can help, he does still miss them when he’s on the road. The main reason he does wrestle however is because his youngest daughter loves it so much which I thought was interesting, he has to spend so much time away from his daughters to pursue something they love so much. I feel like this interview will be a great conclusion to this documentary, after seeing all the ‘entertaining’ stuff, interviews with the wrestlers, footage of them performing and me having my lesson, a proper sit down interview with James where he talks about his love for his family will bring the doc back down to earth and make viewers look past the masks and spandex and actually see the people there.

If you’re interested, here is the raw interview with James:


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