Shoot day 3!

So my third shoot day has now come and gone and most of my piece to camera’s (PTC’s) are shot with the exception of a few of course.

Now I could tell you about the trials and tribulations of shooting these PTC’s, or better yet I could show you. Here are a few bloopers and eventually the final PTC. After you’ve had a watch I’ll talk you through my thinking as to why I shot them in the way that I did.

Looking back at the footage that was shot inside the house, it was never going to get used. For whatever reason the house had an orange tint to it that no amount of white balance or messing with the settings of the camera could fix, which is why the PTC operation moved outside. With that being said, I feel like the outside PTC with me walking and talking towards the camera works so much better. Given that it’s the first thing you’ll see of the doc (apart from the title sequence), I want to give the viewers the feeling that they are about to embark on a journey with me and that together we are going to explore the topic of professional wrestling. Walking towards the camera with my bag slung over my shoulder and shots of me waiting for a bus work so much better in getting that feeling which is why I decided to stick with the outside PTC.


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