My thoughts so far…

I have always had a lot of respect for professional wrestlers, much like I respect any other ahtlete. However as this process of creating the documentary has gone on, I’ve found myself having more respect and admiration for these men and women than I’ve ever had before, why? Here’s why.

Having now conducted two sets of interviews, one at a wrestling show in Peacehaven and one at a wrestling academy in Croydon, I now know just how much work goes into becoming a professional wrestler. It’s not just the actual pain that they put their bodies through that I want to highlight here, whilst conducting both of these shoot days I saw all the prep and talent you must have to be a pro in this business. Knowing how to put up the ring, being able to talk with no script to an audience and make them believe what you are saying which in this day and age, is very difficult. Speaking as a journalist who has done many an outside broadcast with no script or anything to go on, it is very difficult to speak to the audience without stuttering or stumbling over your words.

Now although I don’t want to just look at the physical side of things I have to say, after that short and not very sweet training session with the legendary British wrestler, Doug Williams, my back was in pieces! I only took a few what they call ‘bumps’, meaning being thrown to the mat and that was already enough for me. I know my body isn’t exactly conditioned to be taking those sort of bumps but even so, I only took two! Some of the guys I was speaking to at the academy said they take hundreds of bumps every single match!

So right now my thoughts haven’t changed all that much in all honesty, just looking into the sport in more depth has made me realise that there is so much more to prove on behalf of these talented men and women than just the fact that they really get hurt. I’m quickly realising that pro wrestling is an art form, and the guys I have met so far are all the Leonardo Da Vinci’s.


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