My second shoot day!

So I won’t lie, it’s actually been a week since my second shoot day but I’ve been extremely busy with a number of different projects I’m trying to juggle so here I am now, to review how my shoot at Al Snow’a Wrestling academy went.

I’ll start off by saying a massive thank you to a good friend, Will Chadbon for driving me all the way to Croydon so I could conduct these interviews that could make this documentary go from a 2:1 to a 1st if I edit it all together well enough. At the wrestling academy I managed to interview the British wrestling icon, Doug Williams about his life as a wrestler and how he has transferred those skills into becoming a coach. As a part of the interview he even offered to show me a thing or two between the ropes (see what I did there?) which for lack of a better term, hurt. Badly. Now I don’t want anyone saying I’m not committed to this documentary cause I could have been killed!


Ok ok maybe not killed but I could have been seriously hurt!


After interviewing Doug he brought over a few of the guys he has been training who seemed pretty keen to be interviewed. One of the wrestlers I managed to get an interview with is an Indian wrestler currently signed with Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA). Given the fact that TNA is the second largest wrestling corporation in the world, behind the WWE, this interview is going to be huge for the doc.

So to summarise, I’m kind of waiting for something major to go wrong during the course of this filming process because so far everything has been going great! The guys down at the academy were fantastic and very down to earth which to be honest, isn’t something I expected at all from a group of wrestlers.

Until next time.


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