Welcome to Between the Ropes

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are and welcome to my blog for my documentary, Between the Ropes.

This documentary will be looking into the real side of the sport of professional wrestling, meeting some up and coming stars of the future of the sport and getting an insight into their crazy lives in and out of the ring.

I suppose I should tell you a little bit about why I decided to choose this topic. Well, my name is Adam Goacher, I’m a 3rd year Multimedia Journalism student at Bournemouth University and I want to become a documentary film maker. I have fond memories of being a young man and being amazed at these larger than life characters coming through my TV screen to immerse me in the world of pro wrestling. Obviously all good things must come to an end and as you grow older you realise that wrestling isn’t fake. Or is it? I still watch some wrestling as and when I can and am still a very firm believer that there is an extremely real side to the sport (yes it is a sport). Although the curtain has been very much so pulled back on professional wrestling, you can still see the very real sacrifice and pain that these men and women go through doing what they love to do. From life changing injuries to spending most of the year away from their families, pro wrestlers give up much more than the regular sportsman to live their dreams and I feel like they deserve a little bit more respect for that, hence why I’m making this documentary.

Expect constant updates on my thoughts and opinions on this crazy sport along with behind the scenes footage and pictures of my progress on my journey through the world of professional wrestling.



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